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Rick Spilman has had a fascination with ships and the sea for most of his life. His first novel, Hell Around the Horn, is due out this summer. Based on the voyage of a British windjammer in the particularly brutal Cape Horn winter of 1905, it is a story of survival and the human spirit in the last days of the age of sail. Rick is the founder and host of the Old Salt Blog. (www.oldsaltblog.com) An avid sailor, he has sailed as volunteer crew on the replica square-riggers “HMS ROSE” and “HMS BOUNTY.” He has been published in the Huffington Post, gCaptain, Forbes online, and several canoeing and kayaking print magazines. He was also a nautical columnist on the Clarion science fiction blog.

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“Basically, I can kill people” — Joan Druett’s Interview of Alaric Bond

Alaric Bond An interview with Alaric Bond by the award winning author, Joan Druett. Reposted with permission from her World of the Written Word blog. Congratulations on the launch of your eighth Age of Nelson novel, The Guinea Boat, an edge-of-the-seat thriller in which the hero is challenged not just by…

Sea Fog Shuts Down Port of Tampa — Cruise Ship Delayed, Voyage Cancelled

The Port of Tampa was recently closed by the US Coast Guard due to heavy sea fog.  A dozen ships, including the Royal Caribbean cruise ship, Brilliance of the Seas, were delayed offshore for almost two days. Another ten ships were unable to leave the port. The delay also caused the cancellation…

Keep Off the Ice & Remembering Robert Fulton, Who Died 200 Years Ago Today

Robert Fulton The Working Harbor Committee blog posted today, Keep Off the Ice! The post begins begins: The Hudson PD issued a warning for people to stay off the frozen river in Hudson, N.Y. after security cameras at the Hudson Boat Launch captured footage of 4 individuals trotting onto the…

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