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Raven Delaval is a writer of historical fiction and historical fantasy. Her current ms, Tartarus & Ivy, is about the myths of Persephone and the founding of the Eleusinian Mysteries in ancient Greece. She is also a jewelry and costume designer for tribal fusion belly dance, which is its own form of historical fiction. Her company is The Merry Maenad.

From my website

Turkoman amulet choker / headpiece. Tribal fusion belly dance. OOAK Womens ethnic jewelry by MerryMaenad

60.00 USDThis choker necklace is made of flocked moss green velvet ribbon covered with different styles of Turkoman amulets (gilit plates) and Turkoman buttons. The central pendant has chains and Orissa bells. The colors range from antique pewter to a warm champagne tone. It laces up the back in signature…

OOAK Tribal choker necklace with malachite, Turkoman amulets, Kuchi pendants, and Talhakimt - "Ceres" - Ethnic jewelry by MerryMaenad

38.00 USDTribal choker is made of vintage ribbon in goldenrod, handsewn with Turkoman gilit plates, kuchi dangles with green glass stones and bells, and green talhakimt style glass beads. The central pendant is a vintage kuchi piece with malachite stonework. A black ribbon is included to tie the necklace in…

Garnet Necklace and Earrings with Antique Silver - India Garnet - Womens OOAK demi parure Jewelry Set by MerryMaenad

98.00 USDThese antique silver domes and shields were once earrings that my great grandmother purchased in India in her youth. I don’t know the exact age, but they’re definitely antiques. The garnets and sterling silver spacer beads are modern, but I liked the idea of combining what I love with…

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