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Raven Delaval is a writer of historical fiction and historical fantasy. Her current ms, Tartarus & Ivy, is about the myths of Persephone and the founding of the Eleusinian Mysteries in ancient Greece. She is also a jewelry and costume designer for tribal fusion belly dance, which is its own form of historical fiction. Her company is The Merry Maenad.

From my website

Statement Hoop Earrings with Handmade Bronze from Ghana. Tribal Earrings. Women's Ethnic Jewelry by MerryMaenad

15.00 USDSuspended from hoops are two hand-made bronze beads from Ghana 1.5" high x 1" wide (3.8cm x 2.5cm). Gold-plated hoop earrings, 1.5" (3.8cm) in diameter, with spring back closure. I found these bronze beads in a local bead boutique and fell in love with them. They can be easily…

Blue velvet choker with Kuchi arrowheads, brass coins, and pendulum - "Blue Moon" - Tribal Fusion Belly Dance OOAK jewelry by MerryMaenad

45.00 USDCobalt blue velvet choker is 14" (35.5cm) long, embellished with heishe beads, brass diamond shaped coins, kuchi arrowhead pendants with dark blue stones, and a gold plated hinged pendulum pendant from a vintage 1970's necklace. Ties behind the neck with a 24" (61cm) long blue satin ribbon. Choker has…

Yellow Kundan Pendant and Earring Set on Multistrand Brass Chains. Womens Demi Parure Jewelry Set by MerryMaenad

50.00 USDMultistrand vintage brass necklace looks lovely with this gold-plated yellow glass stone pendant (very similar to the kundan style of Indian jewelry). It comes with matching pierced earrings included. Perfect for a summer night out; its dressy but still sunny and bright.The chains are vintage (once belonged to my…

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