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Christmas Morning

My eyes flew open! It’s light in my bedroom and better still it’s Christmas morning!  Santa’s been here and since I’ve been mostly good, there should be a lot stuff for me – I just know it! A wave of exhilaration flooded over me, like the tidal wave I once…

Michilimackinac 1763

Maurice’s fingers roughly squeezed and twisted my mouth expecting that it would improve my pronunciation. “No…repeat, it is important… say, mon s’appelle Jacques …je suis un habitant”. I slapped Maurice’s hand away. “I am not a child!” Maurice stood still gazing at me with a slight mocking expression the dirty…

New York 1789

Severe faces bathed in the blacks and oranges of torch light slowly yet purposefully closed the circle around John Ashbury.  He glanced about quickly measuring the threat.  Though robust he wasn’t unbeatable; he had a measure of relief believing his children should be safe by now, having told Susannah, the eldest…

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