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Writer and reader of alternate history, historical fantasy, and historical fiction.

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Isn’t it a little coarse to go and bang on the drums just because the doorbell is ringing?

Phillip McCollum:Some great advice from Gabriela Blandy on making coincidence matter… Originally posted on Gabriela Blandy - The sense of a journey: I acted in a student film once and afterwards, at the wrap party in a fusty house at the top of town, I rode an office chair down…

Weekly Recap – November 7th, 2014

  Our Little Chubster Angus hit the 3-month mark this week. His curiosity grows every day and he loves talking nonsense to his parents, which is great, because they love talking nonsense back! Parenthood and the day job have become all-consuming, so any inclination to keep writing through Wolf’s Tail has, unsurprisingly, been…

Angus Halloween 2014

Angus the Astronaut It didn’t feel right putting a fishbowl over his head, so we just pretended Angus was in the space shuttle, breathing through the life support systems. Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend! -Phillip

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