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Petrea Burchard began her acting career on the Chicago stage, later moving to Los Angeles to work in television, film and voice-over. She’s known as the original English voice of Ryoko, the sexy space pirate in the anime classic, Tenchi Muyo!.

Auditions, jobs and the people she met in Hollywood (famous and infamous) became fodder for her popular Act As If humor column at She also drew on her acting experience to write her first novel. During a summer Shakespeare course at Oxford, she fell in love with the English countryside and the idea for Camelot & Vine began to take shape.

Other published works include articles, short fiction and essays. Petrea lives with her husband in southern California.

From my website

An Informed Public

Transparency in government is always an issue, and lately the spotlight is on Pasadena. So an event coming up at the Women's City Club and hosted by the League of Women Voters-Pasadena Area is particularly timely.The deadline for reserving lunch is today, February 26th! For the discussion, you can reserve…

Ten Hands - Five Pianos

This was new to me: ensemble piano playing on the fly. Like maybe you've never even read the music before, much less met the other players. You just get together and play. Each person plays a different part of the music. It's like an orchestra of fingers.Veteran musician David Cutter…

Pasadena Library's 2nd Annual Author Fair

Are you coming by Pasadena's Central Library (285 E. Walnut St.) this Saturday, February 21st? Of course you are, because it's highly likely that at least one of your author friends (me) will be there. And probably more than one.It's the library's 2nd annual Author Fair, 10am-2pm, and oh boy!…

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