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I am a lawyer and investment manager who has written a two volume saga entitled “God, Glory and Gold: Journey to the Conquest of the Incas”. The books time span is from the mid-15th to the mid-16th Centuries that traces the rise of the Inca Empire and the kingdom of Castile, the discovery and settlement of the New World and Francisco Pizarro’s epic adventure and conflict with the vast Inca nation.The books place the Conquest and the actions of the Conquistadors in the context of the economics and the politics of the transformation of Western culture and religion triggered by the New World discoveries. In addition to a focus on the human foibles of the Pizarro brothers and their entrepreneurial comrades or rivals in the New World, a reader can follow the struggles of Queen Isabella, H.R.E Charles V and the Catholic Popes brought on by the immense riches flowing from Peru as well as the changes in the political dynamics of the great powers in Western Europe.

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Cajamarca: The Flawed Hubris of Inca Atahualpa

Leaders who have experienced great triumphs are always vulnerable to the flaw of hubris, defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “excessive self confidence”. Think of Napoleon Bonaparte’s ill fated invasion of Russia as a prime example. Inca Atahualpa had defeated his half brother, Huascar, in a brutal, prolonged civil war in…

Vasco Nunez de Balboa – Pacific Ocean Discovery Anniversary

On this day, September 24 in 1513, an expedition led by Vasco Nunez de Balboa, with Francisco Pizarro as second-in-command, became the first Europeans to see the Pacific Ocean in a place that is now Panama. It had taken 21 years after Columbus first landed in the New World for…

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