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A career as a professional writer in business, government and not-for-profit, always interested in the intersection of history and the arts and peoples’ lives, has culminated in Pat’s re-generation as a historical novelist. Her current work, “Journals from a Renaissance Court: The Life of Anne of Brittany” resulted from curiosity aroused by a tomb sculpture, which she learned was commissioned by Anne. Years of research into French and Breton history, arts, religion, allegory; even a refresher course in French to allow a research trip to France and Brittany has yielded this novel told in the voices of the people in her life. She has also been pursuing study of Jewish history and philosophy, which may be the foundation for her next book.

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There is nothing like the Metropolitan Museum of Art for constant discovery and a wealth of treasures. Whenever I go, new things attract my attention and add to my understanding of my characters and their world.I am quite sure that I have learned as much by the art and architecture…

The World of Anne and Claude

This afternoon I was able to immerse myself, after too long, in the glimmering but somber world of Anne of Brittany, my protagonist—extending to that of her daughter, Queen Claude. How I wished I had a magnifying glass—and even more that I could touch—the detailed miniature manuscripts on display at…

I am somewhat appalled at how long it has been since I added to this blog. But I have been extremely busy and involved with the book itself, which is my main goal. In addition, I've been involved as leader of the New York chapter of the Historical Novel Society. Since my last post,…

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