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My first two historical novels, WHEN WE WERE STRANGERS (HarperCollins, 2011) and SWIMMING IN THE MOON (HarperCollins, 2013) deal with the immigration experience, worker justice, women’s issues, and treatment of mental illness. My interest in immigration comes from the 10 years I lived in Italy and fascination with the challenge, the strange pleasures, and the displacement of being “a stranger.” Now I live in Knoxville, TN (a displaced Northerner) with my husband Maurizio, a physicist, and Jesse, the dog.
My academic background is Renaissance literature, and for many years I wrote short stories for pleasure while working as a professional writer of scripts, speeches, articles, and brochures. I’ve taught writing at the University of Maryland, European Division and the University of Tennessee where I was writer in residence.

From my website

PTSD in Mesopotamia

During My research for Under the Same Blue Sky on shell shock (PTSD) in World War I uncovered constant references to generals and politicians being themselves shocked, shocked by the number of afflicted soldiers. Really? You send men into battle, enduring horrific conditions, and expect all roses and tra-la? A…

Lessons in Soba Making

Recently I was in a vast underground labyrinth of a Singapore shopping mall, waiting to meet a friend at a coffee shop and came upon this lesson in soba (noodle) making. There is a Japanese chain restaurant in which the all the restaurant’s soba noodles are either made behind glass…

Pigeon saves 194 men

Once I dove into World War I history, I foundĀ  too many stories for one novel. Here’s an amazing one: Cher Ami, a homing pigeon who saved 194 desperateĀ  American soldiers in the Battle of Argonne, in October, 1918. The story is this. Five hundred US Army Signal Corpsmen were…

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