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P.A. Staes writes historical mysteries featuring textiles. Ms. Staes’ research for the novel The Bruges Tapestry took her to Scotland, Paris, London and New York. She invites you to visit her website, www.thebrugestapestry.com. as a nurse, Ms. Staes offers members who are authors the opportunity to consult with her on writing illnesses, injuries and medical and nursing history.

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What Hight School Reunion Will You Have in 2014?

Hi All, I just discovered that my high school, Alleman, in Rock Island, Illinois, is hosting our 45th reunion this year. What a thought! Forty-five years have gone by in a flash. What, dear readers, have you thought about when a reunion looms? Your weight? Hair color? I think about…

Hope you received books for Christmas

Hi All, I hope you received some great reading material for your holiday gifts.  Let readers know what kind of historical mysteries you are finding.  For excellent book reviews of historical fiction go to www.hfvirtualbooktours.com. The post Hope you received books for Christmas appeared first on The Bruges Tapestry |…

Merry December and Welcome Followers of Spirited Woman

Welcome to December.  I’m grateful that on December 3rd the Spirited Woman directory will begin to feature 10 days of posts pertaining to spirited women and their creativity.  If you are visiting this site because you saw my post at Spirited Woman on Pinterest, welcome. This site is about one…

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