Orna Ross

About me

I worked for 20 years in writing and publishing in Dublin, as journalist, editor, novelist, creative writing lecturer and literary agent.
In 2009, I moved to London and found, as Proust said of Venice, that “my dream had become… quite simply, my address”. (Though the dream does includes a sojourn to the sunnier climes of California each winter.)

I used to be published by Penguin but am now an indie author. I’ve enjoyed and benefitted enormously from that switch and it led me to found The Alliance of Independent Authors, which I now run.

From my website

Dark Night: A New Poem

Life said to the wanderer: wait without waiting. Kneel yourself down there, on stone- hearted stone. Set down your hope too. It could be mistaken. And fold up that map. It may also be wrong. Though it be dark here beyond all believing, with no place for faith, no, just…

The Creative Climate of Lennon-McCartney

When you think creative pairs, for me one of the first that springs to mind is that of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. With Lennon’s melancholic notes, and McCartney’s upbeat melodies, the pair, more often than not, found a harmonious balance. But behind such famous songs as Help, Yesterday, Come…

Creative Searching with Seenapse

Seenapse calls itself an "inspiration engine" and is aimed at creatives. The search engine makes interesting and unique associative links, a key component of creativity and creativism.

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