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I worked for 20 years in writing and publishing in Dublin, as journalist, editor, novelist, creative writing lecturer and literary agent.
In 2009, I moved to London and found, as Proust said of Venice, that “my dream had become… quite simply, my address”. (Though the dream does includes a sojourn to the sunnier climes of California each winter.)

I used to be published by Penguin but am now an indie author. I’ve enjoyed and benefitted enormously from that switch and it led me to found The Alliance of Independent Authors, which I now run.

From my website

How To Self-Publish A Poetry Book

Selected Poetry 2012-2014 is almost here, it will publish early April 2015. I thought you might be interested in a behind the scenes look at the process of putting together a poetry print book, ebook, and audio book. For this project, I worked closely with literary strategist Yen Ooi on concept, design and formatting.…

Indie publishing news over at ALLi

With the massive IndieReCon 2015 event coming up mid-April, the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) has all the latest on why indie authors and readers should tune in and turn on to this online global event. It’s free. And there are prizes. Go have a look.

Poems on the underground – Yeats2015

As regular readers know, Yeats has taken over this blog a bit this year (#Yeats2015), with my novel about his relationship with Maud Gonne launching in the summer and various fun and frolics happening here in London and in Ireland. I was thrilled to hear from Judith Cherniak that Poems on the…

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