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English novelist in Seattle. Author of forthcoming novel, Hild, set in 7th century Britain.

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Happy 1400th anniversary to Hild!

Today is Hild’s 1400th birthday. That is, Hild, who became St Hilda of Whitby, was born 1400 years ago, and November 17th is her feast day, so today seems like a good day for it. Happy Birthday Hild!How do you say, fourteen hundreth in Latin? I will cheerfully admit that…

I am coming to the UK at beginning of October

I'm coming to the UK next month, 1—10 October. I'll be doing a bunch o' stuff to support Hild. If you're a reader of this blog I hope you'll come along and introduce yourself.If you're in London I'm doing three events: at King's College and Queen Mary University London, and…

Latin for fourteen hundredth anniversary?

This year is the 1400th anniversary of Hild's birth. According to Bede.* Given that her feast day is mid-November, and in my novel her birthday is mid-October, I've decided autumn would be a splendid time to celebrate.My problem? My latin is truly terrible. I don't know the word for fourteen hundredth.…

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