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About me

I’m a dyed-in-the-wool amateur historian/archaeologist, liable to be found any dry day field-walking or metal detecting, and on wet days, in an archive.
Reading a field like a book, line by line, century by century, gives me a deep feeling for the settings for my stories and novels. Taking a dry, partial framework for someone’s life from the archive and trying to animate it with context, meaning, and purpose fills me with pleasure.

From my website

I wanted to be a writer when I grew up…

A guest article I wrote on the subject: My friend Amy Burns Heffernan has a fascinating and growing blog on all things writerly, with a good sprinkling of guest posts, at her blog “Without books… life would be dull!” – I love her concept, and am proud to be…

Goodreads giveaway – Henry and the Magic Pencil Book 1

To celebrate the release of Book 2, I have a signed copy of Henry and the Magic Pencil Book 1 up for grabs on Goodreads. Limited time offer, put your name in the hat today! Or if you can’t wait, all the stories are on Amazon.

Writing Henry – getting the covers spot-on!

It occurred to me that people might be interested in the process I use to write these childrens’ stories, which are very different to writing either stories or novels for adults. In the first of this mini-series, I introduced you to Henry. The second talked about the inspiration for the…

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