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I’m a dyed-in-the-wool amateur historian/archaeologist, liable to be found any dry day field-walking or metal detecting, and on wet days, in an archive.
Reading a field like a book, line by line, century by century, gives me a deep feeling for the settings for my stories and novels. Taking a dry, partial framework for someone’s life from the archive and trying to animate it with context, meaning, and purpose fills me with pleasure.

From my website

Replay of Secklow Sounds radio interview

I can’t remember if I posted this interview or not when it was made – but the very wonderful host, Mick Bannister, has just pointed me to the direct link, so here it is; I hope you enjoy it. Nicky.

Desktops, then and now :)

Erik Kwakkel has a brilliant post on the mediaeval desktop, here: If you’re not following Erik, I recommend him – his scholarship is unassailable, and his posts are brilliantly readable! This post talks about the issue of needing to read two or more books at once. My favourite solution…

Single lady…

I am apparently now single, and have been since the 7/8/2014, although the court neglected to inform either me or my solicitor. I am still working out how I feel about this…  

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