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I’m a dyed-in-the-wool amateur historian/archaeologist, liable to be found any dry day field-walking or metal detecting, and on wet days, in an archive.
Reading a field like a book, line by line, century by century, gives me a deep feeling for the settings for my stories and novels. Taking a dry, partial framework for someone’s life from the archive and trying to animate it with context, meaning, and purpose fills me with pleasure.

From my website

Viking eye candy!

I have been having a lovely time researching images for the next thing that Henry draws with his magic pencil – it’s going to be a scale model of a Viking ship prow, which gets him into all kinds of trouble! I’d like to share some of the amazing things…


I have been researching reliquaries at the moment – well, the current endpoint of the research is reliquaries, which are delightful! Serendipity may still take me elsewhere… The trail led from a procedural question over the ordination of a deacon – which Wimer became, before becoming a priest – to…

Replay of Secklow Sounds radio interview

I can’t remember if I posted this interview or not when it was made – but the very wonderful host, Mick Bannister, has just pointed me to the direct link, so here it is; I hope you enjoy it. Nicky.

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