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Fletcher & Co. Publishers believes in creativity in books. We seek to explore unique ideas by employing new media and graphic design techniques in our work. We hope that these new dimensions will provide readers with richer experiences beyond words on a page.

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Ghosts and Haunting Images!

Ever been to the Southwest? No need to travel! Soak in beautiful – and paranormal – scenes from local New Mexican photographer Ariela Desolina in “New Mexico: Ghosts and Haunting Images,” our new ASTA nonfiction edition!

New: ‘The Spy’

Traitors, colonials and loyalists clash in America’s first spy novel. Read more about our newest Suspense Classic edition of James Fenimore Cooper’s twisting tale of intrigue and independence.

Suspense Classics

  Meet our brand new imprint – Suspense Classics. Treachery. Murder. Betrayal. From the quill to your eReader in the ghost of a minute.

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