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I was born on the Isle of Wight during WW2 and lived there until I left to train as a teacher in Birmingham. After teaching in England for two years, I trained as an EFL teacher and went to work in Sweden for thirteen years. It was during this time I developed an intense interest in history, in particular that of the Vikings. In 1979 I returned to UK and worked as a language school principal until my recent retirement. Finishing full time work gave me the opportunity to achieve a long held ambition to write a novel. I started research for Finn’s Fate in 2008 by making the journey described in the book by land and in my sailing boat. I had the privilege of visiting many historical sites and Scandinavian museums. My book was published in March 2012.
My other interests include WW2 history, I have a website about the Dunkirk evacuations, sailing, walking and grandchildren. I am currently working on my second historical novel, Three Kings, One Throne.

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A Doomed Army

Welcome to the SilverWood Books Blog Hop! A few of our authors have come together to share a variety of articles and items of interest on their blogs for your enjoyment. There are some lovely giveaway prizes, and – to stay in keeping with the Spring and rebirth theme at…

1066 and the Great Invasion in the North

The “North”? Yes, perhaps the greatest invasion of England ever, took place not at Hastings, but in Yorkshire. 1066 is one of the most famous years in history because it was the year when King Harold of England was killed at the Battle of Hastings and the Norman leader, Duke…

The Vikings: Life and Legend

I had been looking forward to the opening of the new exhibition at the magnificent British Museum in London, “Vikings : Life and Legend”, for some time and we had booked a viewing on the day of the launch. It did not disappoint! The Exhibition has brought together Viking age…

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