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I was born on the Isle of Wight during WW2 and lived there until I left to train as a teacher in Birmingham. After teaching in England for two years, I trained as an EFL teacher and went to work in Sweden for thirteen years. It was during this time I developed an intense interest in history, in particular that of the Vikings. In 1979 I returned to UK and worked as a language school principal until my recent retirement. Finishing full time work gave me the opportunity to achieve a long held ambition to write a novel. I started research for Finn’s Fate in 2008 by making the journey described in the book by land and in my sailing boat. I had the privilege of visiting many historical sites and Scandinavian museums. My book was published in March 2012.
My other interests include WW2 history, I have a website about the Dunkirk evacuations, sailing, walking and grandchildren. I am currently working on my second historical novel, Three Kings, One Throne.

From my website

The launch of my latest novel, “The Wessex Turncoat”

A basic essential of an historic novel is that the facts on which the fiction is based are accurate. I needed really dependable people to help me to ensure that the plight of the regiment on which the story is based, was accurately portrayed. I had the great good fortune…

The Frontier War

My latest book, The Wessex Turncoat, will be published at the end of June. It tells the story of a redcoat soldier in the American War of Independence. Researching the background for the book was a fascinating task. It really illustrated to me the resilience and gallantry of men on…

A Doomed Army

Welcome to the SilverWood Books Blog Hop! A few of our authors have come together to share a variety of articles and items of interest on their blogs for your enjoyment. There are some lovely giveaway prizes, and – to stay in keeping with the Spring and rebirth theme at…

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