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Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Meredith has been writing pretty much her whole life. She probably made up stories in the womb, too. Early on it was clear her writing would take a darker twist when she wrote, for her first grade picnic story, about the ants.

In 1996 Meredith moved to New York with no job, no college degree, no work experience, no real skills, one friend in the city, a room in the back of someone else’s apartment in Harlem, and a handful of Bat Mitzvah money to get started. Somehow she managed to pull herself together enough to get a job, graduate from NYU in 1999, and get some friends. One of those was a classmate from NYU who was half-Japanese and half-Swiss, and very into all the same dark, disturbing and twisty books and movies Meredith was into. This friendship inspired The Prophesies Trilogy.

When not chasing kids out from underfoot or writing, Meredith enjoys fine wine, yoga, meditation, reading, and watching sci fi/fantasy on TV and in the movies.

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Chocolate Milk

Back in my late teens/early 20s, I briefly entertained the idea of channeling my creativity into making movies. A beloved high school teacher gave me the idea. After taking his AP English class in 11th grade, I took his cinematography class my senior year, partly because I love movies and…

Two New Acceptances!

I apologize for the delayed announcement, but my short story ATHEISTS IN THE CEMETERY, is now available as part of Burial Day Books' latest anthology, GOTHIC BLUE BOOKS IV: THE FOLKLORE EDITION! Buy the book in e-book or paperback on, here.Also, my short story TINY LIGHTS (formerly known as THE…

Yoga For Writers

I've written before about the importance of exercise for writers, especially how moving around can help the creative process. (Some of my favorite story ideas have come to me while running.) But what about the physicality of being a writer? Those hours spent sitting down, barely moving, hunched over a…

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