Melissa Marsh

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World War II historian and historical fiction writer.

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A Sigh of Relief

Oh my. I have been so busy. May has been a month that never quit moving. I had my nephew's graduation to attend, a busy, all-day work event, my daughter's birthday, and then a HUGE two-day work symposium that left me drained and a few pounds heavier (there was SO…

Random Randomness

I miss blogging. Half the time I forget that I have a blog, and the other half of the time I go to write a new post and I can think of nothing to write. Or maybe I'm just afraid I've said it all in the ten years I've been…

When It's Time to Let Go

I made a very difficult decision last week. I decided to let my novel go.This was a novel I started writing back in 2010. It was a historical thriller set in D.C. during WW2. I really liked my characters and the plot at the time, but halfway through, I got…

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