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I love November!

I love November. The weather finally settles into what passes for Fall in Texas. Sometime in the first week, all the leaves will change color. The next day, or so it seems, they’ll all drop. Unless you live in my neighborhood which is full of live oak trees. Our leaves…

Friday Twitter Tips – Marketing, Publicity, The Funny and Query Tips, Which Will Never Die

Taps microphone. Hello? Shields eyes from spotlight. Anyone here? There’s a drunk slumped at a table with an empty bottle of Wild Turkey, a suburban mom with a tiny bit of spit-up on her shoulder and a man whose thousand yard stare can only mean he’s at the end of…

MG Book Review – The Great Cat-Nap by A.M. Bostwick – A clever take on noir for mystery lovers of all ages.

Take a clever, determined reporter who moonlights as a detective, a sidekick who spends most of his time flirting with the ladies, a kidnapped beauty, and a host of lowlifes who just might hold the key to unlocking the case and what do you have?  You have The Great Cat-Nap,…

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