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Fall New Release Reading Challenge – 9/16

First, last week’s book. The Children Act by Ian McEwen was an excellent choice to start the challenge. I enjoyed it so much, in fact, it makes me want to revisit Atonement. Like Atonement, I had trouble starting The Children Act. McEwen would get the story moving with dialogue and…

A Fall New Release Reading Challenge Because I Love Setting Ridiculously Ambitious Reading Goals

It’s fall, which means crappy Dallas football, pumpkin bread, long shadows, cooler evenings and busy season in the publishing industry, i.e. a bunch of blockbuster, literary and eagerly anticipated fiction and non-fiction books are released. Not only am I in a reading slump of epic proportions, one of my three…

Checking in on my Summer Reading Goals

Three months ago tomorrow I posted a Top Ten Tuesday list about what books would be in my backpack. With the passing of Labor Day summer is over in everyone’s minds if not on the calendar, so I thought it would be a good time to revisit my summer reading…

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