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When friends ask what’s the hardest part of writing a book I answer, “All of it.”

This quote by Margaret Atwood was the first thing I saw when I opened Twitter this morning and wow, is it a perfect sentiment for where I’ve been this week, starting a new MS. I’m not a plotter. Oh, how I long to be a plotter, but that much organization…

I’ve yet to master the art of the pithy, clickable post title, so you’ll have to click through to see my good news.

Something happened yesterday. A monumental event I knew was coming, eventually, but I wasn’t prepared for how absolutely cool and fantastic it was. My debut novel, STILLWATER, went up on Amazon. It is available for pre-order. From mashable. A couple of things: yes, I know there’s no cover image. That…

Because everyone’s doing it – 2014 Year in Review and One Resolution

Happy New Year! With all due respect to 1995 (married), 1999 (first child) and 2002 (second child), 2014 has been the best year of my life. Personally, everyone is happy and healthy. No major tragedies in my immediate family. There have been losses and sicknesses in my extended family which…

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