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Friday Twitter Tips, Writing Advice Edition

Yes, I’ve fallen down on my Friday Twitter Tips so much I have a huge backlog of favorites to post. So many, the brilliance of the tips would be lost amid the avalanche. So, I’m focusing this Friday Twitter Tips on one particular subject: writing advice. Because writing advice is…

Let’s see if blogging is like riding a bicycle…

A friend of mine just remodeled her kitchen. A total gutting, which meant nine weeks (we laughed when her husband said three) without a kitchen. Nine weeks of cooking in a microwave and eating out. She worried she’d forgotten how to cook. I told her it was like riding a…

Bal Masque short story published with The Western Online

  Palo Duro Canyon A quick note to let you know I have a short story, an excerpt from my unpublished historical fiction novel PALO DURO, published at The Western Online. Check it out! I watched the Comanche massacre my wagon train from the safety of a buffalo wallow.

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