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I write historical fiction focused on WWI and WWII. In addition to writing and research, I enjoy exploring how the changing world of publishing is affecting writers, agents, publishers and others. HNS offers a wonderful change to connect and participate with like-minded individuals.

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Thoughts on Canada, democracy and tragedy

Source: CBC News We interrupt our usual programming to bring some reflections on what happened on Canadian soil and at the heart of our parliamentary democracy this week. On Monday, a man attempted to run down two soldiers with his vehicle. One soldier died, the murderer, a self-radicalized Muslim convert, was…

Life – the Mid-Century Issue

I’ve written before of the bits of treasure unearthed as Mom and I cleared out her condo — letters and photos and mementos from long ago. Someone treasured them then – my father, stepfather, grandfather, mother, grandmothers – and now a few of them rest in my home. My own children will…

The Divine Sarah

source: Several months ago, as we were moving from house to condo and clearing accumulated junk was the order of the day, I came across a book that has graced my shelves for a long, long time. A book I had never read – The Divine Sarah by Arthur…

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