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Martine Bailey’s first historical novel ‘An Appetite for Violets’, is a gastronomic mystery set in eighteenth century Europe (Hodder & Stoughton, May 2014 and St Martin’s Press, US, end 2014). Written as a book of recipes, it takes sharp-witted cook Biddy Leigh on a murderous trip from England to Italy. In pursuit of authenticity Martine studied with food historian Ivan Day and experienced Georgian food and fashion at firsthand with an historic re-enactment society.
Martine lives in Cheshire, England after recently returning from a 20-month stay in New Zealand. She is married with one son and is currently writing a second novel for Hodder & Stoughton set in the eighteenth century.

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A Soul Cake for Hallowe'en

It is the end of October, the fields are bare, the leaves have been blown from the trees, and the nights are growing longer. The darkness is coming. At this time of year we celebrate the end of summer and the cycle of death and rebirth. From as far back…

Triumphs of the table – in honour of the Great British Bake-off Final

This week it is the ultimate test on the Great British Bake-Off – the grand final between three astonishing bakers, Richard, Luis and Nancy. The challenges have not been announced, but there is little doubt it will involve something very large and architectural. We may think the trend for man-size…


My White Chocolate Wedding Cake White chocolate is often derided as not being true chocolate, but I love it so much I chose it for my wedding cake. Firstly it looks so beautiful, like solid cream, and then the luxurious fl­avour  complements delicious summer fruits so well.  I also used…

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