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Ever since I was young I’ve been fascinated by two things: books and history. In the last few years I’ve been lucky enough to combine these two passions.

After studying at the University of East Anglia I worked as a lecturer, trainer and company director. But when I suffered a serious accident I had to reduce my work which I moaned about for a while. But every cloud has a silver lining and I decided to concentrate on my life-long passion for writing.

It’s a decision I’ve never regretted. Since then I’ve written six novels and a number of short stories.

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A Love Most Dangerous reduced in price in UK Kindle Discount Deal

Between Friday 4 July and Sunday 6 July ‘A Love Most Dangerous’ is reduced in price from £2.45 to 99p on Kindle from Take a look and tell your friends. Here is the link to the book. You don’t need Kindle to read it, you can get the…

Alice and the King #HistNov #SampleSunday

Susan Dunster and Mary Zouche were already in the dining room when we arrived. ‘Are you hungry?’ I asked with an attempt to sound stern at the fact that they had entered before me. ‘Starving hungry,’ Susan said, not noticing my tone, or choosing not to. ‘This dreary weather leaves…

Sunrise, Moonset

It’s 5.45 in the morning. The sun has not yet risen but it is painting the few fluffs of cloud a myriad of colours. Some are a delicate pink, others a whipped cream, a few dark and ominous. The night sky has gone now but the full glare of the…

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