Marisa Levy

About me

My name is Marisa Levy and I have a degree in history. I am a Tudorphile and have always been fascinated with the Tudors. I have branched out a little to the War of Roses, English history has always been my passion. I have been writing historical fiction and non fiction on a website called, it allows me to write with talented novice writers like myself and also published writers. I have been researching Mary, Queen of France and Charles Brandon to write a historical romance of their lives together, which is a real fairy tale. Their story touches my heart and though it has been told before. I have tried to find as much as I can about Charles Brandon to bring a man who was a lowly knight, who managed to rise up to become a Duke and steal the heart of the most beautiful princess in Christendom to life. I represent the QAB website on Twitter and also write as Mary Rose Tudor.

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