Marie Parsons

About me

I live in New York City.

My first historical fiction sale is a short story entitled “The Speech of Hortensia” which will appear in the HerStory anthology in March 2013.

I am currently writing a novel set in the Second Punic War when Hannibal invaded Italy, when a handful of Italian cities defected to his cause. I have a second novel outlined, about Octavia, wife of Mark Antony. I also write fiction set in ancient Egypt.

On my personal blog at I offer reflective essays, reviews of novels, and excerpts from my works-in-progress,

From my website

Novels In Progress

Historical FictionI, Octavia Antonia: the life and loves of Octavia Antonia, sister to Octavian (Augustus) Caesar, wife and widow of Mark Antony. Long overshadowed by her husband's famous liasion with Cleopatra of Egypt, Octavia tells of living in the midst of political upheavals and civil wars. Busa's Choice: Hannibal or Rome,…

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