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Fascinated by Scotland’s turbulent history, and in particular the 16th century, I’ve just finished my first novel which was the Historical Fiction Winner in the 2011 Harper Collins / Alan Titchmarsh People’s Novelist Competition. Published on 22nd November 2012 by Capercaillie Books, it is available via any bookshop and online stores.

An Hawthornden Fellow and award winning short story writer, I live with my husband in the Scottish Borders.

From my website

Loch Leven Castle and Mary Queen of Scots.

Few stories in Scottish history resonate more than the abdication and flight of Mary Queen of Scots southwards into England in 1567. There are so many ‘what ifs’ associated with that decision – alternative history authors would have a field day… Here’s a post courtesy of The Hazel Tree, full…

The Crusades – Complex History

I have to confess to be woefully ignorant about the history of the Crusades, but articles like this one really whet my appetite to know more. What it instantly shows though is just how complex it all was and goes a long way to explaining the melting pot that is…

Freebie – final figures

It’s been an exciting week – starting last Thursday when Capercaillie set Turn of the Tide to free download until Tuesday night. As I watched the book soar up the Free Kindle rankings on Amazon I found it amazing to think that sometime soon there might be lots of folk…

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