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About me

In the spring of 2008, Margaret launched a freelance writing career, during which she wrote for internet marketing firms and local journalism outlets. That summer, she enrolled in her first course with the Long Ridge Writers Group for fiction. Margaret began submitting work during her first course with the Long Ridge Writers Group, and her earlier works have been published in various outlets online. During her second course, focusing on the novel, she shifted her focus to historical fiction.

When she’s not writing, Margaret enjoys playing classical piano. She is currently focusing on several of Mozart’s sonatas for solo piano. In 2011, she began composing music. Margaret began studying Kung Fu Kempo Karate in December of 2000. She earned her black belt in June of 2005, and taught students of all ages. She enjoys reading—genres ranging from horror to historical fiction to the classics. Margaret is also an intermediate knitter.

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Move Complete

This has been one crazy week. We got into our new house on Wednesday, and some of our stuff was delivered (beds, some furniture, etc). Yesterday the rest came. Now comes the task of settling in and unpacking. I own too many books (shock of shocks)–it’s official. I may have…

Working Out with the Masters

At present I’m on board a ferry to cross the Long Island Sound for the weekend. I’m writing this offline, so by the time you see it, I will be off the boat, but I figured now was a good time to write about what happened this afternoon. Knowing I…

Describe 5 Things

Using at least two of the five (or six) senses, describe five things in the room around you. 1. Shiny, puffed-up hadrosaur 2. Rich-scented, velvety pillow 3. Honey-colored, slippery floor 4. Chilled, rough slate 5. Ticking, twitching second-hand

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