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Tues., July 8: Review of Stormbird

Conn Iggulden is known for his fast-paced historical novels revolving around warfare and politics. Stormbird, which reaches bookstore shelves in the U.S. today, is the first novel in his new series about the Wars of the Roses, a popular subject for historical novelists because of readers' and writers' fascination with…

Mon., July 7: Review of With Fire and Sword

In the U.S., the Nobel-Prize-winning novelist Henryk Sienkiewicz is known best for Quo Vadis, a hugely popular novel around the turn of the twentieth century when first released in English (and numerous other languages), about the struggle of the early Christian movement to survive in Nero's Rome. If you haven't…

Thurs., June 26: Review of Strange Gods

Having thoroughly enjoyed both Isak Dinesen's memoir Out of Africa and the movie of the same name based on it, I had fun spotting familiar characters scattered through Annamaria Alfieri's new mystery, Strange Gods. It's set in Isak Dinesen country. Though the story is completely original and the central characters…

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