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Weds., March 18: Review of An Appetite for Violets

Martine Bailey's An Appetite for Violets is one of those novels that borrows a historical setting to make a confection out of it rather than to illuminate a real past that led to our present. That's not to say Bailey's research isn't thorough and full of fascinating details - just…

Tues., March 17: Review of Conspirata

If you're interested in politics, you'll find plenty of it in ancient Rome, which makes a fascinating - perhaps disturbing - comparative study with politics today. Over a relatively short period of time, the Roman Republic became a dictatorship. At the center of this transition, struggling against it, was the…

Thurs., March 5: Review of Girl on the Golden Coin

Many novels have been written about women who were the mistresses of kings. Girl on the Golden Coin is about a woman who refused to become the mistress of a king. No, not Anne Boleyn. Marci Jefferson's 2014 novel, newly published in a paperback edition, is about Frances Stuart, who…

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