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Weds., Sept. 24: Review of Juliet's Nurse

As a teen, Franco Zeffirelli's sumptuous film of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet impressed me so much that I used to dream of getting married someday in a gold-embroidered red dress just like Juliet's in the film. I was almost as impressed by the bawdy banter between Mercutio and Juliet's nurse.…

Tues., Sept. 23: Review of Gutenberg's Apprentice

Every avid reader owes a debt of gratitude to Johann Gutenberg, but when he first developed the printing press, not everyone was a fan. Alix Christie's novel Gutenberg's Apprentice, hot off the press today, is about someone who had good reason not to be a Gutenberg fan - Peter Schoeffer…

Mon., Sept. 22: Review of Bernard Cornwell's 1356

Bernard Cornwell is known for his vivid fictional recreations of historical battles. His 2012 novel 1356, about the Battle of Poitiers, a decisive English victory in the Hundred Years' War is a standalone novel that can also be read as part of the "Grail Quest" series featuring English longbowman Thomas…

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