Marcia Maxwell

About me

A native of Michigan, currently living & working in Washington State.
Interests: medieval Europe, WWI France

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On Reviews

As of today, The Rogue Queen has been live on Amazon for just over a month, selling over 200 copies.  I've gotten five reader reviews there and five on GoodReads (also owned by Amazon).  Most of my reviews have been positive, but I've gotten three negative reviews.  As a newcomer…

On Publishing

I officially published The Rogue Queen on Amazon nearly a month ago, first as a Kindle book, then through CreateSpace print-on-demand.  Checking online today I was surprised to see that I've sold seventy-five copies!  It may not sound like a lot, but since I'm starting from scratch as an unknown…

Going Public

Well, I did it!  I published my first novel on Amazon.  Although it wasn't a simple process, I do believe anyone who uses a word processor could do it.  Amazon makes publishing for the Kindle pretty straightforward, even providing a free e-book with step-by-step instructions titled Building Your Book for…

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