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Full time wife and mother and part time registered nurse. Historical fiction represented by Kevan Lyon

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Giving GIRL Away

I can’t believe it is been almost one year since GIRL ON THE GOLDEN COIN hit bookstore shelves. Which means…it’s almost time for the paperback version to hit bookstore shelves! To celebrate, St. Martin’s Press is giving away five free copies here on Goodreads! You know, I think it’s time…

Ride the TITLE WAVE into the 17th century

My friend Christy Robinson is so clever  - she’s rounded up a list of 17th century historical fiction authors just in time for this year’s holiday shopping! She’s explained why you should be obsessed with the excitement of the 1600′s here on her blog…but I’ve pasted everything (including links to…

Girl on the Golden Coin – A Pearl-Themed Gift Giveaway!

Girl on the Golden Coin Pear-Themed Gift Giveaway Girl on the Golden Coin has been on shelves for two months now. Two whole months- yet they’ve flown, full of incredible experiences. I’ve visited fabulous bookstores in Indiana, Ohio, and Virginia. Family and friends have thrown parties (yes-plural!). Friends have shown…

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