Madeleine McLaughlin

About me

I live in Eastern Canada and have been writing for over twenty years. One of my favorite genres to read is historical fiction.

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Inaptitude Test

When I was in my last year of high school, the powers that be decided all the students should take and aptitude test. To see what profession we would find success in and I'm guessing, be happy in.Imagine my surprise when my aptitude came back for music. I never played…

The Birthday Trick

A lot of people will tell you that playing tricks on children by adults is cruel. But I also know a  lot of mothers, rather than argue, will tell a lie to their children to make things go smoother.Once, my brother caught a frog. I wanted to keep it in…

George Harry Michael McLaughlin

I've always admired my Dad. He had a hard childhood because his mother was very sick and could not take care of him properly and his father drank. On the good side, his father had many sisters (there were thirteen children in his family) and they filled in the gaps.When…

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