Madeleine McLaughlin

About me

I live in Eastern Canada and have been writing for over twenty years. One of my favorite genres to read is historical fiction.

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Dickens And Other Children

I remember reading an interview with an author who likened writing books to having children. Publishing those books was, to him, the same as having children go out into the world. I have heard this before, when I was in painting. People insisted that creating was like having children. I…

A Weighty Read

About two years ago, I started a weight-loss program at a hospital in Ottawa. I worked as I lost 30 pounds. Unfortunately my weight has begun to creep back up. But I'm not giving up. I go once a month to a support and information group to get further info…

Bonding Exercises

It's nice to share with someone you're close to. But sometimes what you want to be close about doesn't mesh with the other person.For a long while I wanted to do 'bonding exercises' with David. I would set up two pieces of paper with two pens. Then I would say,…

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