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Author of two historical novels set in 19th-century New England: “A Difficult Boy” and “Mending Horses.” Former archivist at Springfield History Museums and interpreter at Old Sturbridge Village. I’m also a historical consultant–work includes scripts for historical dramatizations, exhibits, nominations to the National Register of Historic Places, fundraising materials, planning studies, and more.

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Thanksgivings past and present

Just popping in here for a quick note on Thanksgiving, one of America’s oldest and most historic holidays. Here are  five fun facts about Thanksgivings of the past.1 – Although Thanksgiving was celebrated throughout New England, Christmas festivities were often banned or at least discouraged until the mid-1800s. Ministers even…

Rude Dude’s Guide to Food – Interview with Author Tim J. Myers

Ever wonder whether hamburgers really did originate in Hamburg? Are fortune cookies really Chinese? And Did Marco Polo actually bring back pasta from the Orient? Well, writer Tim J. Myers wondered about those things, too, and the result is an entertaining book for kids about the origins of some of…

Author Interview: Spider in a Tree by Susan Stinson

In her historical novel Spider in a Tree, (Small Beer Press), Susan Stinson explores the Great Awakening of eighteenth-century New England through the eyes of minister Jonathan Edwards (best known for his sermon Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God), his family, and his Northampton neighbors, as the religious…

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