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Author of two historical novels set in 19th-century New England: “A Difficult Boy” and “Mending Horses.” Former archivist at Springfield History Museums and interpreter at Old Sturbridge Village. I’m also a historical consultant–work includes scripts for historical dramatizations, exhibits, nominations to the National Register of Historic Places, fundraising materials, planning studies, and more.

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Mending Horses: Frequently Asked Questions

From John J. Jennings, Theatrical and Circus Life; or Secrets of the Stage, Green-Room and Sawdust ArenaWhere did you get the idea for Daniel joining a circus?When I started writing A Difficult Boy, I didn’t have a sequel in mind. But as I was editing the first book, I real­ized…

Thanksgivings past and present

Just popping in here for a quick note on Thanksgiving, one of America’s oldest and most historic holidays. Here are  five fun facts about Thanksgivings of the past.1 – Although Thanksgiving was celebrated throughout New England, Christmas festivities were often banned or at least discouraged until the mid-1800s. Ministers even…

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