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Critically-acclaimed author of 8 diverse books addressing numerous historical fictional areas: Military, Music, Theater, Inspiration, Relationships and Wall Street) Expert on consumer motivation. Elected to Who’s Who in America and the Wold 19 times.

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It’s Now Official! The World Has Gone Completely Mad.

Seems as though every day in every news outlet, there is some unbelievable story. Since I’ve now written two books on international matters, I’ve decided to take the next step. I’ve started a Twitter campaign devoted strictly to making reasonable comments on news of substance from around the world. I’ve…

China, Russia…and yes, the US…Lag in Free Press Study

Expected: Russia ranks #148 out of 180 Countries in 2014 survey “Reporting without Bias.” Country rank unchanged from 2013. Surrounded by Myanmar, Bangladesh, Singapore, Philippines, Iraq, Turkey, Mexico and Pakistan. Unexpected: United States ranks #46 in the same study. Trails virtually the entire European Union (Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, U.K.…

America. Time to stop talking, start listening?

Source: New York Times Shell Oil Study In 1970, there were three major cities with populations of 10 million people or more: New York, Tokyo and Osaka. So America represented 33% of the world’s major urban centers. By 2010, there were 23 such major urban centers. Two were American, New…

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