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Archaeologist and writer based in the west of Scotland. Louise’s first novel, “Fire and Sword”, is set in 15th Century Scotland, and will be published in 2013 by Hadley Rille Books.

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The Main Character Blog Hop

So here we have it!  My second blog hop of the day… This time, I must say a big ‘thank you’ to Margaret Skea for inviting me to take part. It’s quite an appropriate chain of succession, because Margaret’s debut historical novel, Turn of the Tide, is set in late…

Writing Process Blog Hop

This is the first of two blog hops I’ve been tagged for today: to coin an old cliche, blog hops seem to be like buses – there are none for ages, then two turn up at once! I’ll begin by saying a big ‘thank you!’ to Scottish historical fiction writer…

Paisley Author Event – 5th April 2014

I’ll be attending not one but two author events this coming weekend (Saturday 5th April) at the Renfrewshire Witch Hunt 1697 Heritage & Creative Hub (located on the ground floor of the Paisley Centre). At 11am, I’ll have my novelist’s hat on for an author event where I’ll be reading…

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