Lisa Betz

About me

I am a freelance writer, blogger and playwright with a particular interest in ancient Rome. I recently finished the draft of a historical suspense novel set in first-century Antioch, and I’m now in the early stages of developing a mystery set in mid-first century Ephesus.
When not writing, I am reading historical fiction, directing a drama or taking a hike in the woods.

From my website

8 Ways to Make a Difference

You’ve seen the saying. You know it’s true. Something like 300,000 new books are published each year in the United States. lists millions of titles. (One online source said 32 million.) However, only a small percentage of those millions of titles will sell more than a few thousand copies. Only…

Who were the Galileans?

G is for Galilee Have you ever wondered why Galilee and Judea were separated by Samaria? How did the Jewish homeland come to be separated like that? If you’re hoping for a quick answer, you’re going to be disappointed. The evidence is too vague and the opinions to varied to…

4 Things I Learned from Saying Yes Instead of No

Sometimes we seek opportunity Sometimes it seeks us. The other day I received a call from my youth pastor, asking me to chaperone an upcoming high school youth retreat. It was not a request I had been expecting. When I mentioned it to my friends—who like me are in the…

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