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Sugarcoating History

Sugarcoating the Unsavory Side of History Sugarcoat history? Of course we can, but should we? Not in my opinion. Still, it’s a fine line to straddle when writing romantic historical fiction—particularly a story that takes place in brutal 18th-century Jamaica. Kara Walker’s Sugarbaby I know romance readers have certain expectations…

Creating a Story World with Pinterest

I’m having a ball expanding the Voices story world with Pinterest. It’s especially fun pairing images with snippets of dialogue. Pictures add something to words–they always have. Check out the boards for Voices Beckon, Voices Whisper, and Voices Echo and see if you agree. If you’re a Pinterest fan, consider creating a board for the last novel you read that…

18th-Century Shrub

This 4th of July, party like a colonial and add shrub to your celebration. A drink popular in 18th-century America, it’s bound to lend some historical authenticity to your merrymaking. Shrub? Granted, the word doesn’t evoke a mouthwatering image, but there’s never been rhyme or reason in naming our cocktails. Consider today’s Slow Learner, Old…

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