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Linda Lambert became enthralled with Egypt as a young girl, when her mother enchanted her with tales of her own alleged reincarnation from Egyptian royalty. In 1989, Linda moved to Egypt and began two decades of passionate exploration of this fascinating culture. During a visit to the ancient crypt that is believed to have housed the Holy Family, Linda experienced an epiphany that inspired her to write The Cairo Codex.
Dr. Lambert has written several internationally-recognized books in the field of educational leadership. Her seventh book, Women’s Ways of Leading, was released in 2009, integrating her global work in leadership with feminine and historical themes that take center stage in her novels as well. The Cairo Codex is the first in The Justine Trilogy of historical novels by Linda Lambert. The second is set in Italy, the third in Taos, New Mexico.
She is an experienced administrator, history instructor and international consultant. Now Professor Emeritus at California State

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The Italian Letters-Chapter 5 scene

“I need to go to Rome for a couple of days, Cherie. Would you still like to come?” asked Andrea. The light from the eastern horizon flooded the terrace where Maria had laid out a small breakfast of croissants, coffee and cream, pecorino, and fig jam. Andrea opened a croissant,…

The Italian Letters- Chapter 4

Chapter 1-3 of The Italian Letters are attached to The Cairo Codex e-book now on sale from Amazon. Here is Chapter 4: The Italian Letters “Unrequited love is the only possible way to give yourself to another without being held in indentured servitude.”        -Bauvard, Some Inspiration for the Overenthusiastic…

I’m Excited about Tomorrow! Why?

As I’ve mentioned in the Countdown, The Cairo Codex e-book goes on sale tomorrow for $1.99. What makes it really special is that the first 3 chapters of the sequel in this trilogy, The Italian Letters, are attached. Here is what the new books is about: The Italian Letters, the second…

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