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Lured into historical ficiton at the age of 12 when I read The Turquoise by Anya Seton, I have been reading HF ever since.Now I am writing HF novels as well.

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Ann Seton Chase by Linda Harris Sittig

In the small town where I grew up, there was a unique rite of passage for preteens. Once you reached your twelfth birthday, and had a letter from a parent, you were allowed entrance into the hallowed halls of the town’s public library. Prior to that momentous occasion children were…

Elisabeth Oesterlein by Linda Harris Sittig

  Education was always a priority in our family. My father pursued a B.S. in Accounting from New York University because as a World War II Veteran he could attend under the G.I. Bill. After graduating from high school, my mother enrolled herself in the Katherine Gibbs School of Philadelphia. By…

Happy Anniversary Strong Women in History!

This April marks when Strong Women in History moves into its fourth consecutive year of paying tribute monthly to a variety of extraordinary women who accomplished amazing feats in their lifetime. Every woman I choose to highlight should have become famous, but remained without the accolades she deserved. In celebration…

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