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About me

I was born in Baltimore but I keep moving westward. I’ve raised children, worked more than a decade as a registered nurse, taught skydiving, studied history, and sailed many nautical miles with Bob, my husband.

I first knew I wanted to be a writer in second grade. But then again I wanted to be a lot of things — including a musician, an actress, an oceanographer, a horse trainer, a dancer. I still do. The cool thing about writing is you can be anything you want, you can change careers whenever.

Star-Crossed (Knopf; 2006) was my first published novel, followed by Surgeon’s Mate; book two of the Patricia MacPherson Nautical Adventure Series (Fireship Press; 2011). Barbados Bound (a revised Star-Crossed, now out of print with Knopf) will be published in 2012 by Fireship Press as book one of the Patricia MacPherson Nautical Adventure Series. I’m working on book three of the series, which I hope will be published in 2012.

From my website

The scatology of finding the heart of your story

Being a writer sometimes feels like a cross between an archaeologist, a nurse, and a sanitation engineer. To find the heart of your story, you have to be willing to write shit.  A lot of it.  Take a purgative if you need to, and get ready.  In my experience the…

It’s all about Theme

Characters hook us, plot compels us to turn the pages, but the theme of a story is what stays with us long after we’ve forgotten the details. Theme answers the question, What’s the story about? Not what happens but what might it mean? What is the author trying to express?…

Chesapeake Writers Conference 2014

My reflections on the 2014 Chesapeake Writers Conference In a nutshell: 6 days and nights/$750; not including optional lodging and meal package.   Award winning faculty included Patricia Henley, Matt Burgess, Ana Maria Spagna, Elizabeth Arnold, and Gerald (Jerry) Gabriel, who was also the conference director. Disciplines: Fiction, creative nonfiction, and…

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