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Steven Leibo is a professional historian of modern world history with a focus on Asian Western Relations. As Li Bo he writes historical novels on the same topic. Author of _Tienkuo: The Heavenly Kingdom_ Leibo is currently nearing completion of the sequel called _Beyond the Heavenly Kingdom_.

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Paul Revere & the Court of the Elite April 2014

Download: paul-revere.mp3 WAMC Dr Steven Leibo is the Sherman David Spector Professor at the Sage Colleges April 3, 2014 “Calling Paul Revere” So where is Paul Revere when we really need him! Yes, Once again, the Supreme Court, with yesterday’s disastrous ruling has pried open ever wider the flood gates…

Cutting the Crimean Anchor March 2014

Download: crimea-as-anchor.mp3 Text for last week’s WAMC Commentary will be added shortly

Confronting the Ukraine Crisis March 2014

Download: ukraine.mp3 WAMC FOR MARCH 6 2014 DR STEVEN LEIBO IS THE SAGE COLLEGE’S PROFESSOR OF INTERNATIONAL HISTORY & POLITICS There is something eerily ironic that the Ukrainian crisis has broken out in 2014 exactly one hundred years after the beginning of the World War I. Now, I am not…

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