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The Sound of Her Own Voice is the adventurous tale of a young Jewish woman who travels to the California Gold Rush. My interests include imagining, discovering and writing about the experiences of women who lived in more conservative, confined times. Women with spirit and intelligence participated in every adventure in history. I enjoy celebrating them.

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from research to writing

So, I took Josie Marcus Earp, Adah Issac Menken, Mary Jane Magguire and seasoned them with images, ideas, personalities from other dauntless women;  I then mixed in my own experiences from when I left my safe Jewish neighborhood for college at the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1969, and the…

enjoyment grows as research deepens

I was a long way from putting my book, The Sound of Her Own Voice, into any voice at this point.  I took notes and while driving around town thought about who my characters might be; each one too similar to whomever I was reading about at the moment. One…

inspirations continue to be found

My appetite was whetted for learning more about adventurous women in the 19th century West.  I added American history to the sections in my favorite used bookstores which I trawled regularly.  So many of those books were hagiographies of all the familiar famous men like Daniel Boone and Robert E.…

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