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Author of historical fiction about the Hanoverian monarchs. Debut novel Queen of Bedlam published by Myrmidon on 10 June 2014.

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The Duchess joins the ranks

Yesterday I was researching at Kensington Palace (my second office, as I like to think of it), which has a wealth of Hanoverian connections. My main reason for going was to see Past Pleasures, who are putting on a wonderful series of Georgian re-enactments for the 300th anniversary of George…

An Appetite for Violets

It’s always a pleasure to read new fiction set in the Georgian era, but that delight is intensified when the story is written by a captivating new author like Martine Bailey. I was lucky enough to get chatting to Martine on Goodreads, where she told me about her upcoming Georgian…

Guest Posts

Apologies for my silence on the blog front, I’ve been busy guest posting at other sites as part of the Queen of Bedlam launch tour. If you would like to read the pieces I’ve written, use the following links. Georgian Heroines Treatment of Mental Illness in the Eighteenth Century What…

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