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Reader, writer, and shopper extraordinaire. Love history with a twist. The first book in The Boleyn King trilogy from Ballantine debuts in June 2013. What if Anne Boleyn had delivered a son? Read all the messy consequences in an alternate generation of Tudor royalty.

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In Memoriam

Dee Floyd AndersenApril 9, 1931--June 27, 2014 Dee and Frances Wedding DayJanuary 1951Andersen Family 1987 (the year after I met the youngest, Chris)With Chris's Family on our wedding dayApril 1992Andersen Family 1992Thanksgiving at Golden Corral(what happens when you have more than 50 people for Thanksgiving!)Andersen Family 2005(minus eldest son, Allen--you get…

April & May Books I Loved

PRINCE OF SHADOWS/Rachel CaineA YA historical inspired by Romeo and Juliet, the titular Prince is Benvolio who finds himself in deep when his cousin falls for the wrong girl and Benvolio himself meets Rosalind. A wonderful, in-depth world with a touch of paranormal and the ability to make you weep…

Throwback Thursday: Brothers

All my words are being sucked up by revisions/copy edits on the new book. but I cannot overlook the two critical events of this past week. On June 23, Jake started college. And on June 25, Matt turned twenty-one. "How have you come to this . . . to such a…

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