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Lana Prada is the pen name of Dr. Svitlana Prada. She studied at York University, Toronto where she obtained a Ph.D degree in science. Later she continued her scientific career as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto. Being a historian and a writer were life-long dreams that finally came true with a completion of her first historical novel, “The Great Prince of the South” in 2013.

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War Chariots, the Atomic Bombs of Antiquity.

The highly mobile two-wheeled war chariot, carrying a driver and an archer and armed with a short compound bow revolutionized military tactics after 1700 BC. The chariots were the masters of the battlefield, providing both speed and long ranged attacks. They fought in closed ranks overwhelming the enemy by the…

Ancient Egyptians would have no clue as to what is Egypt.

You might find it surprising but the Ancient Egyptians did not call their country Egypt neither did they call themselves Egyptians. They would have no idea what were you talking about if they heard those words. The name they choose for their country was “Kemet” which literary means the “Black…

Nudity in Ancient Egypt as part of religion and lifestyle.

There were three solid reasons for widespread nudity in Kemet (Ancient Egypt): the hot climate, high prices of linen and a less than prudish religious view that, in its turn, promoted nudity as an essential part of the culture. Consider this, in the time of 18th dynasty when Kemet prospered…

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