LaDonna Ockinga

About me

My first novel is complete and I am seeking representation. SURVIVING LOVE is set in 1848 Prague when the people of Bohemia revolt against the Austrian Empire, and the military responds. Maria Plocek is betrothed to the successful and upright Dr. Unger, but her heart belongs to a passionate leader of the uprising, Alek Sokol. At stake is escape from her vindictive mother.

The brewing storm is about to break on all fronts with revelations that will shatter and remake Maria’s life forever. Unlike Scarlet in Gone with the Wind, Maria struggle for survival takes place without a safe harbor like Tara. In the middle of this turmoil, Maria must find the strength to choose and endure when every decision seems wrong.

I am presently working on a second novel set in the year 1900. It is the story of Maria’s daughter when she discovers how dangerous fifty-years-old can be when dealing with teenagers and a husband.

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