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Kristen Harnisch is a historical fiction writer, blogger and mother of three. Her debut novel, The Vintner’s Daughter, is scheduled for publication in the summer of 2014, and is the first in a series about the changing world of vineyard life at the turn of the century.

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Editing Advice from the Pulpwood Queens’ Book Club Authors!

As I’ve mentioned, I was thrilled to attend this year’s annual Pulpwood Queens‘ Girlfriend Weekend in Nacogdoches, TX. The PQs are the largest meeting and discussing book club in the world, led by book maven Kathy Murphy, with over 650 chapters. Not only more »

E-Book Sale This Week!

That’s right! For this week only, The Vintner’s Daughter e-book is only $0.99 in the U.S.! Click here to order now! To view more great She Writes Press titles priced at $0.99 this week, click here!

Thank you Copperfish Books!

Thank you so much, Cathy and Serena of Copperfish Books in Punta Gorda, Florida for hosting me on Tuesday night! These ladies are passionate about reading and learning and I was honored to hold a book talk and signing at more »

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