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Kristen is an author and an award-winning journalist, writing for magazines such as U.S. Catholic and Colorado Country Life. She writes historical and contemporary novels. Two of her short stories have been accepted for anthologies. Current projects include a nonfiction narrative book on the South and a young adult historical set in Central Asia.

From my website

Tea Party Brat: Party On

Major disagreement with someone in the house (let’s say it was the cat) about whether David Brat, long-shot Republican upsetter of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, was a Tea Partier. This arose from the New York Times article in which it was revealed that Brat had failed to win any…

Five Habits of Effective Parishes

If you can get beyond all the sorrow, horror, and fury about sex, there’s a space miraculously constant, both still and flowing, that is the heart of the Catholic Church. It goes by the name of parish, and it means ritual, community, spirit, and faith. The best parishes are constantly…

Patrick Leigh Fermor in Bulgaria

I’ve been intrigued by Bulgaria ever since reading Elizabeth Kostova’s marvelous novel The Historian. These evenings I’m reading The Broken Road, a book I’ve been waiting for for decades. It’s been decades since I read the first two books in Fermor’s trilogy, A Time of Gifts and Between the Woods…

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