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About me

My mission is to write historical fiction and romance that explores women’s lives and brings their struggles and triumphs out of the shadows of history and onto the canvas of our American past. I wish to share the stories of women whose lives are untold, who don’t exist in textbooks: the disenfranchised, the forgotten, those with double lives and huge hearts filled with weakness and courage.

My current novel, Under the Pale Moon, is due for release in Spring 2015. Set in post-World War II Monterey, California, it explores the relationship of a married woman breaking the bonds of conformity, and a combat nurse haunted by the ghosts of war.

My interactive historical romances The Very Thought of You and It Don’t Mean a Thing, are out now on Kindle and I am also the author of the novels Bowery Girl, (Re-release 2015) and Cissy Funk, winner of the WILLA Literary Award for Best Young Adult Fiction.

I’m a member of the Historical Novel Society, Women Writing the West

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