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Keith Skinner was born in Phoenix, raised on a farm in Ohio, and has spent most of his adult life in the San Francisco Bay Area. He writes memoir, fiction, essays, and travel narrative. His travel pieces have appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle and Travelers’ Tales. He is currently at work on his first novel, The Relentless Harvest, a story set along the nineteenth century Mendocino County coast where a lumber boom brings together three young lives.

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The Allure of Hummingbird Island

California’s Second Largest Salt Marsh Elkhorn Slough stretches seven miles inland from Moss Landing Harbor, forming the second largest salt marsh in California. Since the mid-nineteenth century, it has hosted roadhouses, ranches, sugar beet plants, dairies, bootleggers, whaling stations, salt ponds, oyster farms, gun clubs and power plants. Throughout, its…

Is Everything OK?

Two letters dotted the six or seven tabs in my browser window like spring mushrooms after a heavy rain: OK. I’d taken just a minute to consult the Online Etymology Dictionary to confirm that it was okay to use the word okay in 19th century dialogue. An hour later, I was completely…

Albion: Petri Dish of the California Lumber Boom

Passing through the village of Albion in Mendocino County, it’s hard to believe it played a pivotal role in one of the most dramatic periods in California history. photo: tiarescott Traveling north on Highway 1, you’ll reach a stretch of road that is mercifully free of the endless hairpin turns…

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