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K.C. Blau is an American writer of historical fiction novels on the women of turn-of-the-century Vienna. She has lived in Austria for over 15 years. She is a certified German-English translator and conducts her research in the Vienna City Archives, the Austrian National Archives and through books, films and documentaries. She holds a BA from the American University in Washington DC and an MFA from Seton Hill University in Greensburg, PA. In addition she has completed post graduate studies at the University of Vienna and dabbled a bit in Chinese studies at the Beijing Language and Cultural University in China.

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What Austria is still Missing (Thank goodness)

Fresh off the plane from your jaunt abroad, feet barely brushed the ground in the good old US of A and you feel it tingling up inside you – anticipation. First signs at  passport control – fellow countrymen patiently form a queue. Then the customs agent offers a, “Welcome Back.”…

Airport to City — Transportation Options from VIE to Vienna

 One of the first steps in embarking on an adventure to a new place is successfully navigating your way from the airport to town. Preparedness can make all the difference. Or not. A hundred thousand years ago, while backpacking through India, I visited the government tourist agency in Delhi to…

How to Catch a Stray Horse – Running in Vienna’s Prater

So I guess you might call me a runner. Or maybe a slow jogger. OK. Let’s face it. I run at a speed walker’s tempo. So call me what you will. But hey! Immerhin. And what can beat an hour along an Allee lined with majestic chestnut trees? The sun’s…

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