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London to Go

London to Go Regents Park in London in full bloom on recent sunny Sunday afternoon. Roses were overflowing with color. Geese accepted handouts though the signs cautioned, “don’t overfeed.” Swans glided through green muck. Surprised they didn’t get stuck. Poor swans. Though they seemed intent upon slurping the nasty stuff,…

All Night at the Tate Modern

Childlike yet ingeniously engineered, Matisse’s carved and vibrantly colored cut shapes—from dancers to circus performers, jazzy compositions, blue nudes and creatures from the sea—have been dazzling crowds in London. So, the Tate decided to pull an all-nighter to accommodate its last weekend visitors. Show just closed. But lucky for us…

Dirty Dancing at the National Theater

Feel good, familiar experience. Energetic dancing. Follows the movie without trying to do more. Well-acted and great songs though the acoustics were a little off, and the orchestra drowned out one of the female singers who has an outstanding voice. Would have liked to hear her more than the music.…

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