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Author of historical fiction, London 1660’s and one French Revolution novel on Camille Desmoulins.

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Ride the TITLE WAVE into the 17th century

This is in thanks to Christy K. Robinson who put this lovely piece together, allowing us to share with our friends.There’s a vast crowd of enthusiasts reading and discussing everything medieval and renaissance. But time didn’t stop with Elizabeth Tudor’s death in 1603. Are you looking for the rest of…

Old St. Paul's

When I find historical texts published in the middle of the 17th century I feel I’ve won the lottery. Even though most authors of this time-frame write flowery 'epistles', or a long convoluted 'introduction to the reader', interspersed with Latin or other languages (Greek comes to mind) which I cannot…

Rules & Regs London 17th Century

A reader asked a question to a post I placed July 4th regarding what and whatnots in a coffee house. His question was: "I find all these social mores fascinating because I am curious....given this Independence Day....just how much personal freedom we really have compared to past eras."I guess my…

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