Katherine Pym

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Author of historical fiction, London 1660′s and one French Revolution novel on Camille Desmoulins.

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Meet My Main Character

I’ve been tagged by Linda Root & Anita Seymour Davison to tell you about the main character in one of my writing projects, but I really can't do that. I finished The Barbers, and my WIP is now just being born. Instead, I'll tell you a little of my 'Plan'...Back…

Barber-Surgeons Guild

Well, my story of The Barbers has published, and dedicated to my good friends across the pond, Jim & Sue Barber. I figured Jim's ancestors were barbers, and that my friends would like to know what their forefathers did for a living, but first, I needed to do a bit…

The Barbers

Well, I've finished my 4th installment of stories in the decade of 1660's, The Barbers, a novel of science, medicine, and superstition in 1663. It was a long and arduous process, especially since, during this writing adventure, we drove across country and built a house on a pretty piece of…

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