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B is for Button

This is a button: It is on a shirt, where it belongs. But admittedly, there are other kinds of button. There are several on this car key: There are buttons that open things and there are buttons that operate things. This is one of Child 1′s favourites: But I would…

B is for Booger

Child 1 has a new friend with whom he has a lot in common. They both live and go to school over here in Pennsylvania, but they were born in England to an English Dad and a Scottish Mum (not the same ones – just to be clear!). I don’t…

M is for Middle Maiden names

Here’s a thing I never knew. Lots of American women legally change their middle names as well as their surnames when they get married. They bin off (trash) their birth middle names and put their maiden name in the middle instead. Honestly I thought it was just for Facebook purposes…

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