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B is for Boston Butt

Boston Butt? Seriously? Seriously. So here’s the story. Yesterday, a very lovely Mexican lady of my acquaintance made us a plate of tamales. I have watched enough cooking programmes (shows) to know what they were but have never tried them. They do not look yum, but they really are. All…

P is for Pep Rally

More trans-continental, cross-cultural weirdness and time for some parental reflections on the merits and de-merits of having brought our children to live in High School Musical land (minus the music). Last Friday the Middle School that Child 1 & Child 2 go to held a Pep Rally. Here is a…

L is for Lovey

A quick post. Yesterday morning I received a text message that said this: …and I had not a scooby-doo what my friend was on about. Clearly, since she had corrected layer, the rest of it was what she intended to say. But what the heck did it mean?? After all,…

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