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P is for Presidents Day

How’s this for an excellent example of the cultural differences between the US and UK… This week we have celebrated Presidents Day with a day off school. Presidents Day used to commemorate the birthday of George Washington on February the 22nd. Nowadays it combines Abe Lincoln’s birthday (Feb 12th)into a…

P is for Puppy Bowl

Here’s the news from the US of A that the British media missed last weekend. The Super Bowl happened yes, but more than that… this weekend we found out about Puppy Bowl. Puppy Bowl XI, on a couple of hours before the actual Super Bowl, apparently attracted over 10 million…

B is for Boston Butt

Boston Butt? Seriously? Seriously. So here’s the story. Yesterday, a very lovely Mexican lady of my acquaintance made us a plate of tamales. I have watched enough cooking programmes (shows) to know what they were but have never tried them. They do not look yum, but they really are. All…

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