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D is for Dude

I was at the orthodontist one morning recently with Child 3. We go there a lot. And after we had been visited by the nurse there was a bit of a hiatus in proceedings while we waited for the doctor to be free. He is normally stunningly efficient but this…

D is for diorama

The Simpsons is a great programme (program/show) in order to learn about life in the US. I can’t imagine how we would have survived here without it. Ok, I’m not being totally serious, but it is only down to The Simpsons that I knew what was expected when Child 3…

B is for bangs

  I just found this picture on Wiki Commons and realized that it is alarming like the haircut I had when I was in primary 6 (4th grade). Not cool then. Not cool now. Bit of a bowl-cut really – and I’m pretty sure that’s a term that requires no…

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