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F is for Flashlight

It has recently been brought to my attention that Maisy Mouse has been translated for the US and UK markets. Since there is not much talking in the Maisy mouse oeuvre this kind of tickled me. Here is the object under discussion: In my mind this is clearly a torch…

M is for Mailbox

Last week we were subject to an act of “criminal mischief” which I might call “criminal damage” or just “vandalism” if I was in the UK. But the state policeman called it criminal mischief so that’s what I’m going with –  a phrase that maybe even deserves it’s own blog…

D is for Dude

I was at the orthodontist one morning recently with Child 3. We go there a lot. And after we had been visited by the nurse there was a bit of a hiatus in proceedings while we waited for the doctor to be free. He is normally stunningly efficient but this…

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